Finance and insurance

TGC Corporate Lawyers provide legal support to borrowers and lenders. Our lawyers ensure legal support to clients at every stage of capital raising process, so as to minimize the legal risk and optimize cost and time investment.

Legal services for financial projects – selected areas of support

Financial projects

  • Legal representation in various types of transactions, including without limitation:
    • International financing of global M&A transactions, also including entities operating in Poland (advising on contracts drafting and establishing collaterals on the assets of Polish companies in consultation with reputable law firms from other jurisdictions)
    • Financing the acquisition of real estate and real estate investments (including consultancy in obtaining financing for the implementation of greenfield and brownfield projects)
    • Advice on equity financing transactions (intra-group financing)
    • Other loans, credits, credit products and related collaterals
    • Leasing

Capital markets

We provide legal advisory to public companies and financial institutions transacting business on regulated and OTC market. We have successfully supported clients in mergers and acquisitions on the Polish, Czech and Slovak market.

Our team offers:  

  • Legal support in mergers and acquisitions (advice on financing acquisitions on local markets)
  • Representation before the Polish regulatory authorities, including the Polish Financial Supervision Authority and the Warsaw Stock Exchange.


Comprehensive advice on the fulfilment of AML obligations by the obligated institutions, including representation before the General Inspector of Financial Information

Insurance and reinsurance

TGC Corporate Lawyers provides services to entities operating on the insurance market, both insurers and intermediaries: insurance brokers and insurance agents. We have experience in areas such as:

  • Legal advice to insurance intermediaries
  • Support for insurance institutions in managing legal risk and creating their own risk monitoring system
  • Providing opinions on the grounds for claims settlement when claiming damages from insurers
  • Legal support in court disputes in actions for damages

We also provide legal advice in areas such as:

  • Public-private partnerships
  • Debt restructuring
  • Advising on external financing for investment funds
  • Private placements
  • Financing of commercial transactions (guarantees, letters of credit, etc.)
  • Operations of foreign financial institutions in Poland
  • Conducting activities in the field of granting consumer loans

Finance and insurance – find out how we can help!

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