Energy and extractive

Energy and extractive

TGC Corporate Lawyers have cooperated with clients from energy and extractive sector for many years. We have worked for clients such as oil and gas exploring companies, energy companies, companies dealing in wholesale of energy and fuels, and developers of energy projects, including renewable energy sources.

Legal services for energy and extractive sector – selected areas of support

  • Applying for mining usufruct and concessions for oil and gas exploration and production from the Minister of Climate and Environment
  • Transferring mining usufruct and concessions to other entities
  • Formation, division and liquidation of companies having concessions for oil and gas exploration and production  
  • Share sale transactions in limited liability companies and transactions transferring all rights and obligations in limited partnerships exploring oil and gas
  • Shareholders’ agreements related to joint exploration and extraction
  • Lease agreements for land for oil and gas exploration
  • Due diligence analyses of land for wind and solar farms
  • Advising on projects involving the construction and operation of wind and solar farms
  • Ongoing legal support for companies dealing in electricity trading and wholesale of fuels
  • Tax issues in the above scope
  • Administrative proceedings concerning development and operation of mining plants
  • Analysis of legal regulations concerning public procurement for sectoral contracts
  • Analysis of legal regulations concerning environmental protection for purposes of geological works

Energy and extractive – find out how we can help!

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