13.10.2022 Business law

Draft amendment to the Act on Central Register and Information on Economic Activity


Draft amendments to the Act on Central Register and Information on Economic Activity (CEIDG) prepared by the Minister of Development and Technology will introduce legal solutions facilitating the formation and running of business online. The amendment also extends the scope of published information.

CEIDG — new solutions, greater automation  

On 19 September 2022, a bill amending the Act on Central Register and Information on Economic Activity and Trader Information Desk was published on the Government Legislation Centre website.

The solutions proposed in the bill respond to traders’ requests regarding the need to implement changes aiming at further automation and optimisation of processes related to registration and running of business.

The amendment to the Act introduces a number of solutions. The most important for traders are:

  • registration and publication of information on civil partnership in one place,
  • electronisation and simplification of information transmission process,
  • reduction of formalities necessary to register activity with CEIDG,
  • on-line registration of business activity- introducing the possibility to file applications for entry in the CEIDG online, thus abandoning paper form applications,
  • universal model of civil partnership deed developed in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance (MF) and accepted by other offices,
  • full electronisation and extension of information in the CEIDG about representatives of traders,
  • implementation of the process of publishing the representative data online, using the CEIDG ICT system, that quickly and efficiently demonstrates the authority granted to representative,
  • integration of CEIDG with other IT systems, planned wider cooperation with ZUS, KRUS, MF and GUS, as well as with www.geoportal.gov.pl,
  • electronicisation of the Register of Regulated Activities, also planned is gradual electronicisation of registers with data on licences, concessions and permits,
  • providing the licensing authorities with possibility to keep a register of regulated activities as part of the service provided by the Ministry of Development and Technology,
  • clarification of the scope of data provided by licensing authorities and craft chambers,
  • increasing the efficiency and optimisation of processes related to the CEIDG register and Trader Information Desk, including extension of the list of documents that can be attached to the application for entry in the CEIDG, e.g. notification of cessation of activities subject to VAT (VAT-Z),
  • clarification of the provisions concerning:
    • succession management,
    • legal title to real property,
    • sharing data in CEIDG,
    • receiver,
    • information on craft qualifications,
    • conditions for rectification of an entry in CEIDG.

Amendment to the CEIDG Act — planned entry into force

The bill is now open for public consultation, which will end on 19 October 2022.

The Act is due to enter into force 30 days after its publication. An exception is to be provided for the  provisions on:

  • civil partnership — 1 October 2026,
  • electronisation of applications — 1st stage — 1 October 2024, 2nd stage — 1 October 2026,
  • succession management  — 6 months of the Act entry date.

CEIDG — 11 years of system operation

CEIDG (Central Register and Information on Economic Activity) is a register of traders who are natural persons and operate in the Republic of Poland. The register was launched on 1 July 2011.

CEIDG operates as an ICT system through which you can apply for registration of your firm, amend data, resume or cease activities. Since the beginning of system operation, it was assumed to be fully automated, so that every trader can register online.

The amendment will introduce further automation of the register and is a response to changes in the legal and economic environment and expectations of traders, including the growing interest in services offered by CEIDG. For more than 9 years, there has been a steady increase in the number of online applications.

According to CEIDG data, as of 20 July 2022, there were 2,584,000 active traders and 350 510 representatives entered in the CEIDG.

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